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My Garden 2018 (January) part 3 of 4
[Image: 019.JPG]

[Image: 020.JPG]

[Image: 021.JPG]

The wisteria flowered for the first time spring 2016 (Thats Oct-Nov here) wasn't much, about 3-5 tendrils, but this spring in 2017, it was over half covered, so I'm hoping for a beautiful sight spring 2018.  I will post some pics if it goes as planned.
[Image: 022.JPG]

Ahhh, my first attempt at trained apples.  Now this was a great success.  Not many as you can see and I did dig this up and move it twice before deciding this was the right spot.  It was bought at a garden centre as just a main stem about a metre above the soil level, with very short off shoots and would have been 1-2 years old then.
This has now been in the ground (in various spots) for 2 more years, with this year being the 3rd year.
9 flowers, all turning to fruit, 2 came off while very small, 1 probably through spring winds while young, 1 I pulled off that was of a bunch of 3 to allow the other 2 more room to grow.  Over summer I have picked 2 at various stages to taste the fruit.  Wife and kids loved them.  Last 5 are quite red and almost ready to fall off naturally.  side shoots are a bit longer now with good size spurs coming up vertically off of most, so should get 2-3 times the crop next summer.
[Image: 023.JPG]
[Image: 021a.JPG]

[Image: 022a.JPG]

[Image: 023a.JPG]

[Image: 024.JPG]

[Image: 025.JPG]
It's all starting to fill out nicely Max Smile
Trouble is I can't see any pictures Sad
Just the image names.
Tried in different browers with no adblocking software, but still nothing..
hmm. I think I might know why Jones.
I have done what I tought might need doing, but I have had another thought.

Is FF blocked in your country, because the pics are hosted there.
All good! Smile Thanks Max..
Just had a quick look at the pics on this thread and your garden looks good. You have plenty of room to add plants.
Based in New Zealand?
yip. and yes still plenty of room.
Trying to be patient and get the bare bones established (hedges, trees etc) before I go all out on flower beds etc.
Tried the other way and it just ended in tears and enormous amounts of time in weeding etc.
I don't have much money so things take time to get done, but still I'm quite proud of how it's getting along.
Every time I see this garden I'm just consumed by envy....... of all that damn space - It's bigger than a sports pitch !!!!
My parents have just purchased about 10-20 lime trees.
I put in the fence posts last weekend, and my dad is going to move the existing electric fence over to the posts I put in, then we will plant up the back of where our house is with lime trees.

There is a restaurant in the nearby town, that wants to buy the fruit, and my parents have 2 feijoa trees that bear huge fruit (like lemon size).
The owner wants to buy 40kg each year of them, so the parents brought 2 more of those trees to plant up as well.
The money they get from the fruit, will go to paying the rates on the property each year (hopefully), so my 72 year old father won't have to piss around with 5-6 calves each year.

We are also going to plant up a bunch of blueberry bushes as my Mum, wife and kids love them (they eat a punnet each easy).

I have already put up a length of 'T' posts strung with wire to brow up passionfruit, and I am working on setting up a bunch of fruits (blackberry, raspberry etc) in espalier rows which hopefully the restaurant owner will be interested in buying too.
If not then more for me Smile

I'll take some before and after pics of the section tomorrow and post up in a new thread.

Exciting times ahead.

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