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Hmmm. I think I prefer "Green" or "Ivy".
ivy works Smile
Thanx Max.
I was kidding though with the 'emmy' comment EM.
Humour loses all translation in the written word.
I was taking the mickey by mis-quoting blackadder "I shall call you Bob!"

I must remember to put jkz next to almost anything I type Big Grin
Hello there! I am Daisy Simpson, a university professor,and I like to believe that I'm a very good professional freelance writer. Passionate about to writing and charity and newbie here.

Hi Daisy221.

Hope you find something here you like.
hi everyone
I'm very happy to have found moving-gardens. television on gardening is just not the same where i live.
there is however a quite high amount of corrupt files among the ones i've downloaded. So, i'm wondering, I do not want to seem nitpicking by requesting several single re-ups. on the other hand if i compile a list of broken files. it might not be seen. any suggestions?
still, I'm very happy with what I've already found.
Hi macdenmark.

Firstly, you need to know that this site was setup, and run by J.D alone for a number of years before anyone else began contributing to the shows.
As such, a number of shows have been uploaded by J.D to filehosts that only J.D has access to.
J.D has quite the hectic personal life, as do all of us, but when J.D gets the time he does come and reupload if needed, or fix links that are down.

I tend to lurk around the site more than J.D at the moment, so I can at least answer some questions people pose.

Firstly post your requests as eg "gardeners world s42 - eps 1,4,15,17 have files missing from FF" to save on the number of posts if there are multiple files from one series.
Otherwise feel free to make a new request for each file. As you say above, better to see they down/faulty, and fix them where possible than have people get disappointed when they find a show they are interested in that then does not work.
Also as J.D/me fix the offending files, we can move the posts to the completed thread letting you guys know they are fixed.

So if you find some links that do not work, please put a comment in the requests section here on the forum.
Please describe the issue correctly however ie -
Is the error "File not found"
Is the problem "file is corrupted" or "CRC error" when trying to extract the rar files.
Before asking for help with the corrupted error, please download the latest winrar and try that.
Also try 7zip.

Hope that helps.
hi maxmayhem
thank you for your quick response. I tried downloading the files again, switched to 7zip and a lot of the files now work. thank you. so its probably in the downloading process somewhere tha something goes wrong. I'll fiddle about with it and hold the requests until i know that it's not in this end the error occurs.
still happy
Thanks for looking after that problem Max - you explained it a lot better than I would've Smile

I'm fixing any problems I can, so hopefully everything thats been reported will now work as it should.

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